Teleport Helm chart repo

Add the repo

helm repo add teleport

Install a chart

See our Helm chart guides for HA setups in EKS or GKE.

      # Install a single node Teleport cluster and provision a cert using ACME.
      # Set clusterName to a unique hostname, for example
      # Set acmeEmail to receive correspondence from Letsencrypt certificate authority.

      helm install ${RELEASE_NAME?} teleport/teleport-cluster \
        --create-namespace \
        --namespace ${NAMESPACE?} \
        --set clusterName=${CLUSTER_NAME?} \
        --set acme=true \
        --set acmeEmail=${EMAIL?}

      # Install or upgrade the Teleport kube agent which can be used to provide remote access to
      # a remote Kubernetes cluster. Can also be used to run Teleport database or app service agents.
      # Click the link above to see the README.

      helm install ${RELEASE_NAME?} teleport/teleport-kube-agent \
        --create-namespace \
        --namespace ${NAMESPACE?} \
        --set roles="kube\,app\,discovery" \
        --set proxyAddr=${PROXY_ENDPOINT?} \
        --set authToken=${JOIN_TOKEN?} \
        --set kubeClusterName=${KUBERNETES_CLUSTER_NAME?}
      # Install the Teleport Kubernetes Operator to manage Teleport resources from Kubernetes.
      # The operator can run against any remote Teleport cluster and reconcile its resources.
      # Click the link above to see the README.

      helm install ${RELEASE_NAME?} teleport/teleport-operator \
        --create-namespace \
        --namespace ${NAMESPACE?} \
        --set authAddr="${TELEPORT_ADDR?}" \
        --set token="${JOIN_TOKEN?}"

      # Install the Teleport Slack Plugin to send Slack notifications on Access Requests.
      # Click the link above to see the README.

      helm install ${RELEASE_NAME?} teleport/teleport-plugin-slack \
        --create-namespace \
        --namespace ${NAMESPACE?} \
        --set teleport.address="${TELEPORT_ADDR?}" \
        --set teleport.identitySecretName="${ID_SECRET}" \
        --set roleToRecipients.\*[0]=admin-channel \
        --set slack.token="${SLACK_TOKEN}"


See the Teleport Changelog for a list of important changes between Helm chart versions.